The Highest Degree of Perfection

Abb. AutodachWe are specialists in the development and design of roofing systems. In this area we indisputably belong to the top designers in Germany. That makes us proud.

The perfect interplay of form and function can be seen in the development and design of a sunroof, a folding roof or a complete convertible top system. Noise generation, flow behavior and driving features are factors that we harmonize in an ideal way. Here we prove to be real experts.

Convertible top systems

They are rigid, fit perfectly, but flexible nonetheless. A large interior despite the large amount of space needed for the top system. In developing and designing convertible top systems, one is often confronted with seemingly contradictory desires. This is the challenge.

Of course we are also unable to make the impossible possible. However we always find solutions that meet the wishes of our customers. This distinguishes us from others.

  • Folding roofs
  • Sunroofs